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mediums Include:

                 Pen & Ink





Graphic Black & White


Liz brings decades of experience as a professional illustrator to each assignment. "My client's needs and project limitations are always of primary importance."

  ​​ Classic illustration with a warm, nostalgic style


The relationship between Liz and each client is like a dance. "We each bring our own unique vision to a project and, together, we produce an image greater than either of us could achieve alone."

About liz wheaton illustrations

Liz's technical abilities, design sense and versatility will take your next project from good to great. A consummate professional, she works hard to communicate well, and provides sneak peeks at the illustration in progress which is reassuring to her customers. A client's note says it all: "Liz, your contribution made this brochure perfect. The art is unbelievably gorgeous! Your work integrated so well, and I can tell that you put a lot of thought into it. You are the best, and I'll be calling again very soon! "

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view my portfolio. Then, let my pen, pencil or brush tell your story.